4 crore took part in human chain to support prohibition: Nitish Kumar

Posted on 17 February 2017 by GGS News

Patna : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said that four crore people took part in the human chain to support prohibition on January 21 while the target was only two crore.
“There was a taget of participation of two crore citizens in the human chain on January 21, but more than four crore joined hands to express commitment against liquor and created history,” Kumar said in Sitamarhi.

The decided routes fell short for the mammoth human chain and people of Bihar stood in more than one lines to express their support of total prohibition, said Kumar, who stood at Gandhi Maidan in Patna at the start of the human chain on that day, said.

The mammoth human chain is said to be biggest in the world so far.

The CM was addressing devotees at Baghi Dham where a ‘yagna’ was organised on the occasion of birth anniversary of Brahmlin Baba Tapaswi Narayan Das ji in Sitamarhi.

Kumar said that the Grand Alliance government took the decision after assuming power in November 2015 to ban trade and consumption of liquor in the state to fulfil his commitment to women who had sought prohibition at a function on July 9, 2015.

Kumar said has been against liquor and other intoxicants since his youth.

Since 2011, November 26 is observed as Prohibition day in the state, he added.

“We had also decided to honour the village getting free from liquor,” he said highlighting the government’s efforts preceding imposition of total probition since April last year.PTI

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