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Donald Trump says he will unveil overhauled immigration order next week

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Donald Trump says he will unveil overhauled immigration order next week

Posted on 17 February 2017 by GGS News

Washington/San Francisco : At a White House news conference on Thursday, Trump said the new order would seek to address concerns raised by federal appeals court judges, who temporarily blocked his original travel ban.
“The new order is going to be very much tailored to what I consider to be a very bad decision,” Trump said, adding: “We had a bad court.”

Trump gave no details about the replacement order. Legal experts said a new directive would have a better chance of withstanding courtroom scrutiny if it covered some non-Muslim countries and exempted non-citizen immigrants living in the US legally.

The original order, issued on January 27, triggered chaos at some US and overseas airports, led to international protests, complaints from U.S. businesses and drew more than a dozen legal challenges.

In a court filing on Thursday, the Justice Department asked for a pause in proceedings before the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which sided with a federal court in Washington state to suspend the travel ban, while litigation over its legality according to the US Constitution played out.

The Justice Department asked the court to vacate that ruling once the administration has rescinded its original order and issued a new one. In an order later on Thursday, the 9th Circuit put proceedings over the ban on hold but did not say whether it would eventually withdraw its previous ruling.

The ban has been deeply divisive in the United States, with a Reuters/Ipsos poll indicating about half of Americans supported it shortly after the order took effect.


Trump’s decision to issue a new directive plunges court proceedings over his earlier order into uncertainty. Litigants around the country said they will carefully examine any new policy to see if it raises similar constitutional issues and will continue to pursue legal action if necessary.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who filed the case that produced the 9th Circuit ruling, claimed victory on Thursday.

“Today’s court filing by the federal government recognizes the obvious – the president’s current executive order violates the Constitution,” Ferguson said, in a statement. “President Trump could have sought review of this flawed order in the Supreme Court but declined to face yet another defeat.”

Trump has said travel limitations are necessary to protect the United States from attacks by Islamist militants. His original order barred people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days. Refugees were banned for 120 days, except those from Syria, who were banned indefinitely.

Trump said on Thursday that the widely criticized rollout had been “very smooth” and once again blamed the court for “a bad decision.”The Justice Department court filing on Thursday said Trump`s order would be “substantially revised” but provided no more details than the president did at his press conference. Last week an congressional aide who asked not to be identified told Reuters that Trump might rewrite the original order to explicitly exclude green card holders, who have legal permission to live and work in the United States.

Stephen Griffin, a professor of constitutional law at Tulane University, said adding non-Muslim countries could also help a new order withstand accusations that it discriminates based on religion. Given that the administration already identified the seven Muslim-majority countries as a threat, he said, it would be unlikely to remove any of those.

“I`d speculate they would add to the list, as opposed to walk it back,” he said.Reuters 

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US believes Russia deployed new missile in treaty violation

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US believes Russia deployed new missile in treaty violation

Posted on 15 February 2017 by GGS News

Washington : Russia has deployed a new cruise missile despite complaints by U.S. officials that it violates an arms control treaty banning ground-based U.S. and Russian intermediate-range missiles, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday.

Russia had secretly deployed the ground-launched SSC-8 cruise missile that Moscow has been developing and testing for several years, despite U.S. complaints that it violated sections of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, the official said, confirming a story first reported by the New York Times.

“We know that this is an old issue. The Russians have been building and testing these things in violation of the INF treaty going back to the Obama administration,” the official told Reuters, asking to remain anonymous to speak freely.

“The issue now is the things are deployed and it’s an even greater violation of the INF treaty,” the official added.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the Times story.

The U.S. State Department concluded in a July 2014 arms control report that “the Russian Federation is in violation of its obligations under the INF Treaty not to possess, produce, or flight-test a ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) with a range capability of 500 km to 5,500 km (310 miles to 3,420 miles), or to possess or produce launchers of such missiles.”

Russia accused Washington of conducting “megaphone diplomacy” after the accusation was repeated by the State Department in 2015. Moscow also denied it had violated the INF treaty, which helped end the Cold War between the two countries.

The previous U.S. administration of President Barack Obama had protested in an attempt to persuade Moscow to correct the violation while the missile was still in the testing phase, the Trump administration official said.

Based on open-source information such as Russian bloggers, they were deployed in the central military district, the administration official said, adding: “We are reviewing it.”Russia now has two battalions of the cruise missile, the Times report quoted administration officials as saying. One is located at Russia’s missile test site at Kapustin Yar in the country’s southeast.

The other cruise missile battalion has been located at an operational base elsewhere in Russia, the Times quoted one unidentified official as saying.

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Donald Trump campaign had repeated contact with Russia: Report

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Donald Trump campaign had repeated contact with Russia: Report

Posted on 15 February 2017 by GGS News

District of Columbia : Members of Donald Trump`s 2016 presidential campaign had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before he won the White House, The New York Times reported Tuesday.
Citing “four current and former American officials,” the Times report said that intercepted phone calls and phone records showed the repeated contacts with Moscow`s intelligence community.

US “law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time that they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee,” the Times said citing three of the officials who spoke privately due to the ongoing investigation.

The nature of the purported calls was not disclosed.

The only Trump aide named was Paul Manafort.

Manafort, Trump`s campaign chairman for several months last year and a former political consultant in Russia and Ukraine, shrugged off the report.

“This is absurd,” he told the paper. “I have no idea what this is referring to. I have never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence officers, and I have never been involved with anything to do with the Russian government or the Putin administration or any other issues under investigation today.”

“It`s not like these people wear badges that say, `I`m a Russian intelligence officer,`” he added.

The Times said US intelligence was investigating “whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.”

The officials interviewed by the paper had so far seen no evidence suggesting that cooperation had existed.

In January, US intelligence officials said in a report that Russia intervened in the US electoral process at least in part to help Trump win. He has spoken often about the need for a closer relationship between the United States and Russia.AFP

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Marchers across Mexico vent anger over Donald Trump, and their own president

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Marchers across Mexico vent anger over Donald Trump, and their own president

Posted on 13 February 2017 by GGS News

Mexico City : Thousands of protesters in more than a dozen Mexican cities took to the streets on Sunday to express their fierce opposition to US President Donald Trump, portraying the new leader as a menace to both America and Mexico.
Waving Mexicans flags and hoisting anti-Trump signs in both Spanish and English, some vulgar, many protesters also heaped scorn on their own president, deriding Enrique Pena Nieto as a weak leader who has presided over rampant corruption and violence at home.

Trump and Pena Nieto have been locked in battle over their countries` deep ties for months, even before Trump won the presidency with promises to get tougher on immigration and trade from Mexico.

Mexico fears Trump`s policies could send Latin America`s second biggest economy into crisis.
In a rare display of national unity, marchers and organizers came from across the country`s deeply polarized political factions, encouraged in part by a pro-march ad campaign by Televisa, the country`s dominant broadcaster.

Local officials estimated that a total 30,000 marched in the country`s two largest cities, Mexico City and Guadalajara.

In the Mexican capital, two separate marches were set to converge on the Angel of Independence monument on the city`s leafy Paseo de la Reforma avenue.

“He`s such a bad man and he shouldn`t act the way he does,” said 62-year-old marcher Jorge Ruiz about Trump. Ruiz was particularly angry at how the former reality TV star has insulted migrants.

One marcher carried a larger-than-life painted Trump mannequin, portraying him as an outlandish cartoon character, while others carried piñatas resembling the U.S. leader wearing floppy Mexican hats bearing pro-Mexico slogans.

“Mexicans demand respect, we want bridges not walls,” read one banner carried by nearby marchers. “Trump you diminish America,” read another.

Maria Paro Cassar, an organizer, said Trump has made Mexico and Mexicans in the United States “his favorite target.”

“His policies are a global threat that go against pluralism and diversity and they represent a particular threat to Mexico,” she added.

Three weeks into his administration, Trump has vowed to move ahead with construction of his signature border wall, which he has repeatedly said Mexico will pay for, as well as signaling a new push to deport millions of unauthorized immigrants from the country.

While organizers of the marches promoted them as non-partisan, many singled out Pena Nieto as a major obstacle.

“We`re also marching today to demand that our own rulers put an end to corruption and so much loss of life here and actually look out for the good of the country, not just themselves,” said 28-year-old office worker Victor Robledo.

Last month, a poll showed that Pena Nieto`s approval ratings had hit a record low at just 12 percent, the lowest level of support for any president in decades.

“We as Mexicans have to demand that Pena Nieto defends us and acts with dignity,” said Mari Carmen Quiroz, a 51-year-old university professor. “Unfortunately, so far he`s done a bad job.”

Reuters |

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China gets an early win off Donald Trump, but many battles remain

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China gets an early win off Donald Trump, but many battles remain

Posted on 11 February 2017 by GGS News

Beijing : Combining public bluster with behind-the-scenes diplomacy, China wrested a concession from the United States as the two presidents spoke for the first time this week, but Beijing may not be able to derive much comfort from the win on U.S. policy toward Taiwan.

Several areas of disagreement between the superpowers, including currency, trade, the South China Sea and North Korea, were not mentioned in public statements on Thursday’s telephone conversation between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. In getting Trump to change course on the “one China” policy, Beijing may have overplayed its hand.

Trump had upset Beijing before he took office by taking a call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, then casting doubt on the “one China” policy, under which Washington acknowledges the Chinese position that there is only one China and Taiwan is part of it.

Trump changed tack and agreed to honor the “one China” policy during the call, prompting jubilation in China. Beijing had been working on diplomatic ways to engage Trump’s team and largely blaming Taiwan for stirring things up. [nL4N1FV21K]

Laying the foundation for that call had been the low-key engagement of China’s former ambassador to Washington and top diplomat, the urbane and fluent English-speaking Yang Jiechi, with Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“China was pragmatic and patient. It made every effort to smooth out the relationship, and it paid off,” said Jia Qingguo, dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, who has advised the government on foreign policy.

But China also made very clear Taiwan was not up for negotiation, unleashing state media to threaten war and punishment for U.S. firms if that bottom line was breached.

China has long described self-ruled Taiwan, claimed by Beijing as its sacred territory, as the most sensitive issue in Sino-U.S. relations.

Its military had become alarmed after the Trump-Tsai call and was considering strong measures to prevent the island from moving toward independence, sources with ties to senior military officers told Reuters in December. [nL4N1ES0VR]

A source familiar with China’s thinking on relations with the United States, speaking to Reuters last month, said China had actually not been too bothered with Trump’s Taiwan comments before he took office as he was not president then and was only expressing his personal view.

“If he continues with this once he becomes president then there’s no saying what we’ll do,” the source said.


Despite the U.S. concession, military tensions remain.

On Saturday, the overseas edition of the ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily placed a picture on its front page of Chinese warships about to embark on a new round of drills in the South China Sea, right next to an upbeat commentary about the Xi-Trump call.

The paper’s WeChat account took a harsher line, saying that with Trump getting back with the program on “one China”, Taiwan had better watch out.

“The heart of that Madame Tsai on the other side of the Taiwan Strait must at this moment be chilled to the core,” it said.

One senior Western diplomat said China had been redoubling its efforts to win over the Vatican, one of a handful of countries to retain official ties with Taiwan.

Taiwan says it hopes for continued U.S. support, and one ruling Democratic Progressive Party official told Reuters that the “one China” policy had not affected previous U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, even as U.S. presidents’ commitment to the island have waxed and waned.Xi has put great personal political capital into seeking a solution over Taiwan, an issue that has festered since 1949 when defeated Nationalist forces fled to the island after losing the civil war to the Communists. China has never renounced the use of force to bring Taiwan under its control.

But in its relations with Washington, the risk for Beijing remains that its diplomatic win over “one China” will be short lived, as Trump will not want to be seen as having caved in.

“What he’s shown the Chinese is he’s willing to touch the ‘third rail’ of U.S.-China relations,” said Dean Cheng, China expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington.

“Beijing can’t predict what he’ll do next – and he’s only been in office three weeks. What is he going to do on trade and other economic issues?”

U.S. officials said the affirmation of the “one China” policy was an effort to get the relationship back on track and moving forward. [nL1N1FV1RU]

But Trump’s change of tack may be seen by Beijing as a climbdown, said Tom Rafferty, the China Regional Manager for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

“Mr Trump is erratic and will not appreciate the suggestion that he has been weak.” Reuters

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9/11 mastermind tells Obama attacks were America`s fault

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9/11 mastermind tells Obama attacks were America`s fault

Posted on 09 February 2017 by GGS News

9/11 mastermind tells Obama attacks were America`s fault.

District of Columbia : The self-proclaimed mastermind of the September 11 attacks wrote to former president Barack Obama to tell him 9/11 was a direct result of American foreign policy and the deaths of innocent people it has caused.
The 18-page letter was addressed to “the head of the snake, Barack Obama,” leader of “the country of oppression and tyranny.”

Defense attorney David Nevin provided a copy of the letter, which has not yet been posted on the US military`s website for Guantanamo proceedings. He told AFP that Mohammed began writing it in 2014.

The letter is dated January 8, 2015, but reached the White House only two years later in the last days of Obama`s presidency, according to news reports, after a military judge ordered the Guantanamo prison camp where Mohammed is held to deliver it.

“It was not we who started the war against you in 9/11; it was you and your dictators in our land,” he wrote.

He says God was on the side of the hijackers on that fateful day when airplanes were guided into the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

“Allah aided us in conducting 9/11, destroying the capitalist economy, catching you with your pants down, and exposing all the hypocrisy of your long-held claim to democracy and freedom,” Mohammed wrote.

Listing many grievances over America`s “brutal and savage massacres” from Vietnam to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mohammed focused his rage on the plight of Palestinians and US support for Israel and the “occupier Jews.”

“Your hands are still wet with the blood of our brothers and sisters and children who were killed in Gaza,” he wrote in the opening paragraph.Along with the letter, Mohammed sent a 51-page manuscript entitled “Shall I Die when the Crusaders Carry out the Death Sentence? The Truth about Death.” It is illustrated with an image of a noose.

Mohammed, who faces a potential death sentence for allegedly masterminding the plane hijackings that killed almost 3,000 people, says he is not afraid of dying.

“I speak about death happily!” he wrote.

Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and held at a secret CIA prison site overseas.

In the letter, he explained that “if your court sentences me to life in prison, I will be very happy to be alone in my cell to worship Allah the rest of my life and repent to Him all my sins and misdeeds.”

“And if your court sentences me to death, I will be even happier to meet Allah and the prophets and see my best friends whom you killed unjustly all around the world and to see Sheikh Osama Bin Laden,” he added, referring to the late al Qaeda leader killed in a US raid in 2011 in Pakistan.AFP

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Know more about the ”so-called judge” derided by Donald Trump for lifting immigration ban

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Know more about the ”so-called judge” derided by Donald Trump for lifting immigration ban

Posted on 06 February 2017 by GGS News

Washington : U.S. Judge James Robart emerged from relative obscurity on Saturday as the first jurist to come under fire from the president since he took office after his temporary order to lift Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

In a reaction that went viral on Twitter, Trump called the 69-year-old Robart a “so-called judge” whose “ridiculous” opinion “essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country.”

To those who know Robart, who has been on the federal bench in Seattle for more than a decade after his appointment by another Republican, President George W. Bush, the ensuing drama surrounding the move was a far cry from the judge’s standard.

“He is relatively apolitical,” said Douglas Adkins, a private equity investor and former investment banker who has known Robart since childhood. “He’s not a conservative or a liberal. He’s a man interested in the law and fairness.”

Late on Friday, Robart grabbed national headlines with his decision to temporarily lift Trump’s week-old travel ban for citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries and refugees. His ruling was just a first step in considering the merits of the case challenging the ban. The Justice Department on Saturday filed a formal notice that it intends to appeal the ruling.

As a candidate, Trump had criticized federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was overseeing a case against his Trump University – arguing Curiel could not be impartial because of his Mexican heritage and Trump’s vow to crack down on Mexican immigrants.

But by lashing out at Robart as president, Trump’s anti-judiciary stance takes on new importance: it hits at the very heart of the checks and balances system meant to protect the country from government abuse of power.

Coincidentally, in his wide-reaching ruling on Friday, Robart emphasized that the three branches of government – the executive branch, Congress and the judiciary – should function as equals.

“The work of the Judiciary, and this court, is limited to ensuring that the actions taken by the other two branches comport with our country’s laws, and more importantly, our constitution,” Robart wrote.

Reached by email, Robart declined to comment on Trump’s tweets.

A graduate of Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, and Georgetown University Law Center, Robart spent 30 years in private practice at the law firm now known as Lane Powell, before being appointed to the bench by Bush in 2004.

Adkins said Robart and his wife have no children but have been foster parents to several immigrant children over the years, primarily from Southeast Asia. Robart could not be reached for comment.

The judge served in the past as the president of the Seattle Children’s Home and was a former trustee of the Children’s Home Society of Washington, according to his official biography on the federal court website. Those organizations provide mental health services for at-risk youth and help troubled families.

“His involvement with children may have helped contribute to his understanding of the people impacted by this ruling but would not have shaped his interpretation of the rule of law,” said Paul Lawrence, who was one of the attorneys who filed an amicus brief backing Washington State in the immigration case.

‘PREVENTABLE HUMAN SUFFERING’During his confirmation hearing, Robart recalled providing pro-bono legal services early in his career to “people who in many times felt that the legal system was stacked against them.” He said he learned that the law “could be, if properly used, an opportunity for them to seek redress if they had been wronged,” according to a transcript of the testimony.

Often sporting bow-ties with his black robes, Robart is known for saying from the bench in 2016 that “black lives matter.” He cited the statement popularized by protesters during a hearing about a 2012 consent decree with the federal government that required the Seattle police department to address allegations of bias and excessive force.

In 2011, Robart put a temporary hold on a state rule change that would have cut government funding for disabled children and families in Washington.

“When faced with a conflict between the financial and budgetary concerns … and the preventable human suffering,” Robart wrote in that opinion, “the balance of hardships tips in the favor of preventing human suffering.”

Adkins said he thought his friend would be able to take Trump’s attacks in stride.

“His view is that criticism is important,” said Adkins.Reuters

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Middle East cartoonists show anger over Donald Trump’s visa ban

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Middle East cartoonists show anger over Donald Trump’s visa ban

Posted on 01 February 2017 by GGS News

Lahore :  US President Donald Trump as a dinosaur with a concrete wall for a tail, of Trump as a member of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan with the slogan “The Un-Islamic State of America” — are among the cartoons posted by Middle East artists on social media in protest against the US administration’s visa ban on seven Muslim major countries.

Expressing their anger against Trump’s visa ban on Muslim countries, many artists depicted him as a leader who discriminates against people on racial and regional basis, Dunya News reported on Wednesday.
The artists in their cartoons suggested that Trump was exploiting the people having Islamic beliefs.

A toon tweeted by “Emad Hajjaj Cartoons” depicts Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as driving a tank towards the disputed Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem towing the US embassy in Tel Aviv with Trump sitting atop it, and controlling the start-and stop-lever — in a reference to the controversial proposal to shift the US embassy to Jerusalem.

“They tweeted political cartoons showing links between Trump and freemasonry, not to mention his unpopular urge to form wall between the United States and Mexico,” it said, adding that the cartoonists left no stone unturned to “displease the American President.”

Another cartoon shows Trump, with his blonde mane shaped like a gun – pointing at the world.


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Donald Trump summit with Mexico’s Pena Nieto still on, ”for now”

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Donald Trump summit with Mexico’s Pena Nieto still on, ”for now”

Posted on 26 January 2017 by GGS News

Mexico City : A summit between US President Donald Trump and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto next week is still on “for now”, Mexico`s foreign minister said on Wednesday, despite pressure at home to scrap it over objections to a border wall.
Earlier in the day, Trump signed new executive orders, including one authorizing a wall on the US southern border, just as a Mexican delegation led by Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray arrived at the White House for talks.

The timing caused outrage in Mexico, with prominent politicians and many on social media seeing at as a deliberate snub to the government`s efforts to engage with Trump, who has for months used Mexico as a political punching bag.

“The meeting between the two presidents in Washington next Tuesday is still confirmed,” Videgaray said. “The meeting, for now, is going forward,” he said.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said in a recorded message that he “disapproves” of Trump`s order on the border wall and in response ordered Mexico`s fifty U.S. consuls to extend legal help to citizens living in the United States.

“Wherever there is a Mexican migrant who needs our help, we should be there,” he said.

One source with knowledge of the government`s thinking said the measure was intended to clog U.S. immigration courts with legal objections to deportations. The courts already face a backlog of half a million cases.

Videgaray said some “positive elements” resulted from the talks, including a blunt acknowledgment by Trump of the U.S. role in supplying illegal arms to Mexico. He also referred to Trump`s public comments that he wanted to see a strong Mexican economy.

Videgaray said it had been “a day of contrasts,” adding that his delegation`s talks with senior White House aides lasted eight hours.

Speaking as Trump gave orders to start work on the wall along the 2,000-mile (3,200-km) border with Mexico, two-time presidential runner-up and leftist opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the announcement was an insult to his country and called for international legal action.

“I respectfully suggest that the government of Mexico presents a lawsuit at the United Nations against the U.S. government for violation of human rights and racial discrimination,” Lopez Obrador told a crowd of supporters north of Mexico City.

A former mayor of the capital, Lopez Obrador has led several early opinion polls ahead of the July 2018 election, and last week he announced plans for a tour of major U.S. cities in February to drum up support among Mexican-Americans.

Trump`s broadsides against Mexico have put Pena Nieto under rising domestic pressure. His approval ratings are at the lowest level of any Mexican president in years.

The American`s threats to tear up a joint trade deal and impose hefty border taxes on Mexican goods have also battered the peso. But his comments on Wednesday that he wanted to see a strong Mexican economy lifted the currency to a three-week high.Reuters

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Donald Trump security adviser probed for Russia links: Report

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Donald Trump security adviser probed for Russia links: Report

Posted on 23 January 2017 by GGS News

District of Columbia : A top military counsel to President Donald Trump is under scrutiny by US counterintelligence agents who have probed the new national security adviser`s communications with Russian officials, the Wall Street Journal said Sunday.

The paper reported that Michael Flynn, a retired three-star general who was among senior White House staff sworn in Sunday, has come under investigation as part of a counterintelligence examination of communications between Russian government members and Trump`s inner circle.

Inquiry findings and whether it was still underway remained unclear, the WSJ said.

Flynn has raised eyebrows for receiving payment from the Russian broadcaster RT to join a gala celebration in Moscow last year, where he sat at a banquet table with President Vladimir Putin.

US reports have also said Flynn telephoned Moscow`s ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, several times the day before Obama unveiled punitive measures over Russia`s alleged cyberattacks to influence the US election.

Trump`s press secretary Sean Spicer has said Flynn had spoken with the envoy on Christmas Day, sending him a text to wish him a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

The national security adviser is not formally part of the cabinet but is usually one of the president`s most influential counsels.

Flynn, a veteran of America`s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has courted controversy with extreme statements that critics say border on Islamophobia, but has taken a more flexible line on Russia and China.AFP

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